02/05/2016 12:47 BST | Updated 02/05/2016 12:50 BST

Red Hook Criterium Race Sees Mass Rider Crash As Pace Motorcycle Stalls

The pile-up was captured in chaotic footage.

Spectators at bike race final in the US witnessed a multiple crash of riders that "may have set a new standard for mayhem."

The Red Hook Criterium finals in Brooklyn on Saturday saw a pace motorcycle stall in the middle of the track, leading to the mass pile-up of dozens of riders who tumbled over each other.

In agonising footage, the motorcyclist can be seen trying to start their vehicle, as cyclists race towards it.

The fixed-gear bike riders tried to avoid the motorcycle but some crashed into it, leading to the huge crash.

The chaotic moment in the five-kilometre race was captured on TV and in footage from spectators. At least seven people were injured.

The Red Hook race is well known for crashes but the latest accident may have "set a new standard for mayhem" according to cycling website Velonews.

On-bike footage from rider Antoine Fabry showed the agonising crash from his point of view:

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