Fifa Poppy 'Ban' For England Players Questioned By Football Association Ahead Of Armistice Day Match

The FA is looking at what will happen if they go ahead without permission.

A row has broken out once again about the wearing of poppies on the football pitch ahead of Armistice Day.

The Football Association (FA) is currently in talks with Fifa over whether England players can wear poppies during their World Cup qualifying match, BBC Sport reported.

England is set to face Scotland at Wembley on 11 November but there have been questions over whether they would face punishment for wearing the symbol of remembrance, since Fifa does not allowed political, religious or commercial messages on shirts.

<strong>There are questions over whether England footballers will be allowed to wear poppies on 11 November</strong>
There are questions over whether England footballers will be allowed to wear poppies on 11 November
Tony Marshall/EMPICS Sport

The BBC said that the FA is trying to determine what punishment England would face if they went ahead and wore the symbols without permission.

The Scottish FA is also in talks over the issue.

The Sun even went as far as to claim that the FA had actually banned the wearing of poppies.

Ex-footballer Ian Wright tweeted his displeasure at the news:

Many Twitters users also took the discussion to mean that poppies had been banned and expressed their outrage...

The Sun quoted Falklands War veteran Simon Weston as saying: “The FAs of both ­Scotland and England should stand up and be counted.

“Both those countries took part in both World Wars and should take the lead. They should pay any fine Fifa has to give them. This is not a political gesture.”

He added: “How dare they?”

The Telegraph quoted the FA as saying: “An FA statement read: “We are working closely with the Royal British Legion once again this year to honour and remember the sacrifices made by those serving in the armed forces.

“In recent weeks, the FA has led remembrance discussions with Fifa to allow the England team to show its support for the poppy appeal during the World Cup qualifier with Scotland.”

Last year West Bromwich footballer James McLean once again divided opinion after appearing on pitch without a poppy, unlike the rest of his team - but many people spoke out in support of his decision.

The Telegraph reported that he was booed by Manchester United fans during the match.

McClean has raised eyebrows in the past over his decision to go without the commemorative symbol and has even received death threats over the issue.

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