I'm concerned for Earth's precious resources that we use to make these millions of 'disposable' products and where these poppies go after they've been worn for a week. The symbol and status of wearing a poppy is becoming detrimental to the cause. (I would welcome clarity from The Poppy Factory themselves as to their environmental credentials as it is not clear from their website that the impact of these items is considered on a global scale).
The goods 'could have diverted vital funds from the Royal British Legion'.
Fake poppy merchandise worth around £150,000 was seized by Border Force agents in the run up to Remembrance Sunday.  The
The antagonistic tweet was sent by hoax account WETHERSP00N_UK, which has 25,500 followers on Twitter.  While it is sign
We have a choice when it comes to poppies. We have rights to freedom of expression because our ancestors campaigned for these rights (not because they were handed down to us by the establishment). We can maintain those rights only if we continue to exercise them, despite the massive social pressure to follow the establishment line. The language of "not political" is only one more aspect of the pressure to conform.
Football’s international governing body FIFA has revealed how much it will fine the FA for displaying poppies during last
'They made Cookie Monster pin a poppy TO HIS FLESH'.
The BBC has come under fire on social media for airing a segment which saw the Cookie Monster wearing a Remembrance Day poppy