08/11/2016 13:19 GMT | Updated 08/11/2016 13:32 GMT

BBC Accused Of 'Poppy Fascism' After Cookie Monster Dons Paper Flower

'They made Cookie Monster pin a poppy TO HIS FLESH'.

The BBC has come under fire on social media for airing a segment which saw the Cookie Monster wearing a Remembrance Day poppy.

The beloved blue puppet from Sesame Street appeared alongside Chris Tarrant on The One Show on Monday, with an artificial flower pinned to his breast.

While some commentators called the presence of Cookie Monster’s poppy respectful, others were left incredulous and accused the broadcaster of “poppy fascism”.  

Comedian Dara O Briain described the decision as “satire, and thus genius”, while others decided to mock the outrage.

There was no word as to whether Cookie Monster opted to wear the flower himself, or if he was asked to do so by the BBC.

It comes after a row over whether England players should be able to wear poppies during their World Cup qualifying match. 

England is set to face Scotland at Wembley on November 11 but there have been questions raised over whether they would face punishment for wearing the symbol of remembrance, since Fifa does not allowed political, religious or commercial messages on shirts.

Every year the lead-up to Remembrance Sunday brings with it a renewed debate over the merits of the red poppy.

Broadcasters and celebrities are rarely seen on television without the commemorative symbol adorning their suits and lapels.