Republican Account Attacks Joe Biden For (Checks Notes) Celebrating Halloween

It looks like the Republican Party has declared war on Halloween. Or at least the way the president celebrates it.

Republicans love to falsely claim there’s a war on Christmas, but it looks like the political party is waging war on Halloween.

Or at least the way Joe Biden celebrates it.

The president and first lady invited a group of children to go trick-or-treating at the White House on Monday night — and @RNCResearch, a social media page that targets various Democratic politicians, felt obliged to post clips of the Bidens handing out candy to kids.

The people behind the account, in their infinite wisdom, somehow thought the clips would make the president look bad.

Instead, he looked human.

The first clip went after Jill Biden for explaining she was dressed up as Willow, the White House cat.

The second clip attempted to make Biden look out of touch for not answering a jokey question about his costume.

The third clip mocked the president for acting “scared” by a kid’s costume and dropping some candy.

The next clip made fun of Biden for looking distracted while his wife organised a picture with trick-or-treaters.

The RNC Research account then scrutinised Biden for pretending to eat a fake ice cream cone.

The final clip did “get” Biden a little bit since it showed him coughing into his hand before handing out more candy to kids.

Many people on X, formerly known as Twitter, weren’t impressed with RNC Research’s “findings.”

One commenter said the clips just proved that those behind the account have “never been loved or invited to things.”

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