18/07/2018 17:15 BST | Updated 22/08/2018 17:12 BST

Richard Dawkins Is Still Tweeting About Islam And It's Not Going Very Well For Him

'Stay away from the internet.'

Richard Dawkins has once again been accused of Islamophobia after he posted a comment online describing the Muslim call to prayer as “aggressive-sounding”.  

The prominent author and well-known atheist wrote on Twitter that he thought the “lovely bells of Winchester [cathedral]” were “nicer than the aggressive-sounding Allahu Akbar”. 

But despite widespread and immediate criticism, Dawkins doubled down on the comments. Though he didn’t mention terrorism in his original tweet, Dawkins went on to insist he was actually referring to suicide bombers shouting “Allahu Akhbar” just before blowing themselves up.”

Dawkins’ comments once again drew criticism – with one person pointing out the far more numerous occasions when the phrase is used in a peaceful context.

Another was more succinct in their advice...

While another person called for a little understanding.

It is not the first time Dawkins has found himself accused of Islamophobia. In 2015 he hit out at claims that he angrily walked away from an interview with a Muslim journalist because of his faith.

He tweeted a response to an article written by New Statesmen contributor Emad Ahmed, which claimed Dawkins ended an interview with him after describing his belief in Islam “pathetic”.

The scientist, who is best known to the public for his critiques of religion, wrote that, rather than walking away because of the journalist’s religion, it was his insistence that the prophet Muhammad rode a winged horse as part of a miracle journey which prompted him to walk away.

Ahmed said at the time: “Dawkins is outspoken about religion, particularly Islam, so I was genuinely stunned when he decided to angrily walk away from our interview after I confirmed my beliefs in the revelations of the Islamic faith, calling my views ‘pathetic’.”