Richard Madeley Interviewing A Naked Brexit Protester Went Exactly As You'd Expect

The very definition of an "accidental Partridge".

Richard Madeley reacted exactly as you’d expect Richard Madeley to react when he came face to face with a nude Brexit protester on Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain.

While Piers Morgan is on holiday, Richard is filling in for him on the ITV breakfast show, and had a particularly fun-filled morning on Tuesday.

The crux of this was his interview with Dr Victoria Bateman, a Cambridge academic and protester who has been appearing nude to highlight the idea that, in her words, “Brexit leaves Britain naked”.

Dr Victoria Bateman explains her nude protest
Dr Victoria Bateman explains her nude protest
Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

The interview went exactly how you would think, with Richard forced to explain the situation, as Dr Victoria’s naked body was blurred for viewers at home.

“We can’t read it because we’ve had to pixellate it,” he told viewers. “Across this part – which we probably could show – you’ve got ‘Brexit’, and then above your right breast you’ve got ‘leaves’ and then above your right breast you’ve got ‘Britain’ and then under your both breasts it says ‘naked’.”

Delivering the full Madeley, he then pointed out: “It’s beautifully written, in capitals. Who wrote it?”

National treasure, Richard Madeley
National treasure, Richard Madeley
Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Needless to say, viewers obviously had a lot to say about the somewhat surreal scene playing out before them, particularly Richard’s true-to-form interviewing style, which many noted was becoming increasingly more Partridge-esque…

Things took an even more unexpected turn as the show continued, and Richard talked us through how a male breast-pump works with fellow presenter Kate Garraway.

Despite his GMB guest spots always proving a hit with viewers (even those who are only tuning in for a chuckle) the show insisted over the summer that they had no intention of making him a full-time presenter.


Good Morning Britain airs every weekday from 6am.


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