'Richer Than The King': Kay Burley Lays Into 'Unelected' And 'Unpopular' Rishi Sunak

Paymaster general John Glen struggled when the Sky News host called out the PM's personal wealth.
Kay Burley called out a minister over Rishi Sunak's personal wealth
Kay Burley called out a minister over Rishi Sunak's personal wealth
Sky News

Kay Burley left a minister floundering this morning when she criticised Rishi Sunak’s extensive personal wealth.

The prime minister’s net worth (when combined with his wife’s) rose from £529m to £651m, according to the Sunday Times’ Rich List 2024 – meaning the couple are among the 250 wealthiest people in the UK.

Referencing this report, Burley asked paymaster general John Glen: “Tell me how he can relate to a single mum in Wigan who is struggling to keep a roof over her head?”

Glen said: “I think Rishi Sunak needs to be judged on what decisions he has made as a government minister.

“I was sat there in the Treasury during Covid where he, within a matter of days, set up the process for the furlough scheme, for bounce back loans, for additional money for our public services.

“I know Rishi Sunak very well, I interviewed him 10 years ago to be a member for parliament.

“He had a very successful career before he entered parliament and he met, fell in love with someone whose father had set up a very successful IT services firm.”

Sunak’s wife, Akshata Murty, receives significant dividends every year from her billionaire father’s company Infosys.

Glen said Sunak needs to be judged on what he “delivers on for the people of the country” – and pointed to Sunak’s response to the energy crisis.

“He’s richer than the King,” Burley pointed out.

The Rich List put King Charles’ wealth at around £610m this year, up from £600m last year.

Glen said this issue is “for others to comment on, that’s a private matter,” again saying the PM’s focus is on delivering for the UK.

“If that were the case, why is he so unpopular with the electorate?” The Sky News host asked.

Sunak has made the Conservatives as unpopular as Liz Truss did during her incredibly short tenure in No.10 Downing Street.

“Polls go up and down,” Glen replied.

Burley pointed out Labour are 20 points ahead between the Tories in the opinion polls right now.

Glen tried to say the prime minister just does the right thing for the country, but Burley cut in: “The unelected prime minister.”

Sunak has not taken his party through a general election yet.

The minister deflected: “If you look at the growth rate in the first quarter of this year, it’s higher than many expected.”

Burley asked again: “Why is he so unpopular then?”

“Sometimes in politics you ned to do the right thing in difficult circumstances,” the minister said.

Burley brutally noted: “You need to win an election, and you can’t do that if you’re 20 points behind.”

Glen repeated Sunak’s pledge to do the right thing for the long-term interests of the country, only for the Sky News host to ask: “Even if it costs him the election?”

“We will see,” the minister said with a smile.


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