31 Times Rihanna Had Completely Run Out Of F***s To Give

We are not worthy.

When it comes to playing by your own rules, no one does it quite like Rihanna.

During her time in the spotlight, we’ve watched her transform from the young woman behind pop bangers like Pon De Replay and Don’t Stop The Music to one of the most popular artists in the world – and when we say she dances to the beat of her own drum, we mean it.

From her social media putdowns to her amazing red carpet looks, we’re celebrating all the best moments when the chart-topping star gave zero fucks, and we loved her all the more for it...

1. The time Ciara suggested that Rihanna hadn’t been “the nicest” to her at a party

The celebrity shade that we’ll never tire of.

2. When she and Katy Perry were more preoccupied with each other than the action on stage at the VMAs

3. And who could forget her comment about Drake and Lil Wayne later that evening?


4. Or the time she tried (but ultimately failed) to look flattered by his introduction when she was given Video Vanguard at the VMAs?

”Just give me my award, Aubrey...”

5. In fact, Rihanna is always the one to watch at awards ceremonies

Who else could steal the show at the Grammys without even leaving her seat?

6. Just don’t try and call her a bad role model

Her controversial Man Down music video may have ruffled feathers, but she didn’t care.

7. And definitely don’t try and tell her what to do, even if you are a part of one of Celebville’s most powerful dynasties

Kendall Jenner was 16 at the time of this exchange.

8. If you’re going to come for her hair, you may want to reconsider


9. She knows exactly how to respond to stories about herself in the press

10. And while we’re on the subject of paparazzi...

She’s a woman with her priorities in order.

11. No one knows how to make an entrance quite like Rihanna

This Met Gala look was nothing short of iconic.

12. And as for this little number

Who but Rihanna could pull this off?

13. She’s not afraid to get stuck in on the set of her music videos

Straddling a cannon in a Mickey Mouse helmet? All in a day’s work for Rihanna...

14. But that’s nothing compared to the majesty of Pour It Up

We blush just thinking about it.

15. The ‘777’ tour was... quite something

Startraks Photo/Rex/Shutterstock

Rihanna. On board a plane. With a load of journalists. Travelling to seven cities in seven days. What could go wrong, eh?

16. You never know what she’s going to bring out when she performs live

Not least the time her X Factor performance of Only Girl (In The World) descended into a food fight.

17. But even when it’s just her and her dancers, she’s still completely badass

She’s a complete star, basically.

18. She’s not afraid to get candid

Yep, even on daytime.

19. And she’s happy to keep fans in the loop, too

20. We could watch her enjoying herself at Barbados Carnival all day long

21. Speaking of which, remember when her response to critics of her curvy figure in 2017 was to share this photo?

22. She can put people in their place with a single look

23. Or, indeed, a single Photoshopped Twitter banner


When Charlie Sheen accused her of being rude to him in a restaurant, this is how she responded. Incredible.

24. To say she brought attitude in the Bitch Better Have My Money video would be understatement of the century

Seriously, don’t mess.

25. Every single time she does this, it’s completely glorious

And it’s a gesture she does a lot.

26. We all got to live vicariously through her when she teamed up with John Hamm on SNL

”Come on... we’re gonna have sex... toodle-oo!”

27. Oh, remember when she dressed up as the Pope at the Met Gala and had us fully ready to convert?

Kevin Tachman via Getty Images

28. Not to mention when she was one of the only Met Gala guests who took the Commes Des Garçons theme seriously

Mike Coppola via Getty Images

Not an outfit for the rush hour commute, that one.

29. She was suitably unimpressed when she found out her music was being played at a Trump rally


30. Here she is chucking a load of money at a man during the BET Awards

31. In short... Rihanna, we are not worthy

Please never change.

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