Now You Can Wear 'Thottie Or Nice' Christmas Socks Courtesy Of Rihanna x Stance

You'll definitely want to show these off.

Rihanna’s swiftly growing fashion and beauty empire has now branched into the Christmas market, but instead of going for a classic jumper design, she’s created a cheeky stocking filler.

Th latest Rihanna x Stance capsule sock collection collection was launched on 7 November and it’s holiday friendly.

According to Teen Vogue, the team behind the collaboration are calling it “an eclectic mixture of preppy, grade school classics fused with festive notes of traditional holiday aesthetics.”

We just like the play on words.

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The collection ranges from casual Tom boy, to preppy school girl and Riri has put her own spin on ‘naughty or nice’, with a pair featuring a tongue-in-cheek take on an otherwise negative word.

Another pair is emblasoned with the fan-made “Rhenna” stick figure illustration.

A couple of designs even includes faux fur-rimmed thigh highs that could be used as part of a particularly popular costume.


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