Rio Olympics 2016: 12 Things That Show The City Isn't Quite Ready For The Games

It's not looking GREAT...

The Olympics are almost upon us - but is Rio actually ready?

For months there has been speculation about all sorts of potential issues that could scupper the games, from Zika to crime to not even completing construction of the venues on time.

The opening ceremony is due to take place this Friday, with events commencing the next day and running until 20 August. The closing ceremony will then take place on 21 August.

We’ve rounded up 12 things that show that perhaps Rio isn’t quite ready yet though...

Water pollution is still a huge issue
Mario Tama via Getty Images
Although the government promised to have sorted the problem by the time the games arrived in Rio, there are still serious concerns about water pollution with visitors even being told not to risk putting their heads under water.

This image shows rubbish along the edge of Guanabara Bay, the venue for the Olympic sailing, on August 2.
Air pollution is also a problem
Ricardo Moraes / Reuters
Rio de Janeiro's air is dirtier and deadlier than portrayed by authorities and the Olympics' promised legacy of cleaner winds has not remotely been met, an analysis of government data and Reuters' own testing has found.
The head of the athletes’ village has reportedly been fired
Martin Rickett/PA Wire
Marco Cilenti was reportedly sacked over the state of the Rio athletes' village, according to the Daily Mail.

The 3,600-flat complex has apparently been in disarray with leaking roofs, faulty wiring and missing beds and fixtures all reported.

A number of other staff have also apparently been fired over the "chaos".
The athletes have already started complaining about their accommodation
Australian basketballer Andrew Bogut tweeted his displeasure at his Olympic accommodation.

First he posted: "In the OLY village. Upon first looks its only fitting I will be posting pics with the hashtag #IOCLuxuryLodging"

This was followed by a picture of his teammate apparently trying putting a shower curtain together.

He then replied to the tweet bemoaning the single beds available, saying: "At #IOCLuxuryLodging we believe a bed is not vital for sleep. Fine tuned athletes can sleep standing up."
Rio's own mayor has criticised organisers
Silvia Izquierdo/AP
Eduardo Paes said the committee in charge of organising the games had "serious problems" in managing the athletes' village.

The AFP reported he told Brazilian newspaper newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo: "The athletes' village was ready. Then the organising committee took charge for three months, and there were extremely serious management problems. During those three months, people intruded into the apartments and a lot of things were stolen.

"The doors were left half-open. The organising committee was careless, objectively speaking."
The media village isn't looking too great either
China's Xinhua new agency's sports account tweeted pictures of carnage in the media village.

It claimed a washbasin had collapsed and a mirror had fallen off a wall.
The main ramp for the sailing events has collapsed
Buda Mendes via Getty Images
A ramp built for competitors' boats to reach the water at Rio's Marina da Gloria sailing venue collapsed at the weekend.

Rio 2016 spokesman Philip Wilkinson said the structure collapsed after being hit by by high tides and stormy seas, according to the Independent.
Australian athletes' belongings were stolen during a fire evacuation
Leo Correa/AP
A laptop and Zika-protective team shirts were stolen from members of Australia's Olympic team when they were evacuated from their accommodation after small fire broke out in the basement, according to CNN.

While this took place, someone entered the building stole the items.
Work is still being done on the Future stadium
ROBERTO SCHMIDT via Getty Images
Construction work was still taking place at the handball venue on Tuesday.

Labourers could be seen working on seating in the temporary structure just three days before the opening ceremony.
The Lagoa stadium also appears to be unfinished
Cameron Spencer via Getty Images
The venue for the rowing and canoeing events is also not complete, the Daily Mail has claimed.

Problems with suppliers has caused reportedly caused delays in the completion of the stadium and an overseer said organisers were working intensely to get it finished.

In this image, from 30 July, work is clearly still be done on seating at the venue.
Body parts were found near the beach volleyball venue
Body parts, including a dismembered foot, washed up on Copacabana beach last week, near the venue for the beach volleyball events.

Crime has been a particular worry in Rio and over the past few weeks, 10 people have died in gun battles in the city's slums, according to ESPN.
The Zika outbreak is showing no signs of abating
Chris Helgren / Reuters
A number of athletes, including golfer Rory McIlroy and tennis player Milos Raonic, have pulled out of the games over fears about the virus.

The outbreak is continuing to affect the country and as far afield as Florida.

In this image, a truck sprays insecticide around Olympic media accommodation as part of preventive measures against the virus on Wednesday.

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