03/08/2016 16:24 BST | Updated 03/08/2016 17:04 BST

History Of The Olympics Quiz: How Much Do You Know About The Sports Of The Games?

The Olympics don't look like this anymore

Excitement is building for the Rio 2016 Olympics and the world is looking forward to the 27th summer games.

But since the modern games started in 1896, things have come an awfully long way.

Where once you could participate in the tandem bicycle sprint, the high jump for horses and the plunge for distance, we now have beach volleyball, taekwondo and golf.

PA/PA Archive
Hurdles or fencing? Canada's Frank Savage during the heats of the 110 metre hurdles during the 1908 London games

Olympic fashion is rather different too. Athletes of the past enjoyed no lycra, no sweat-wicking technical fabric and no high-performance trainers. Some pictures from the time show male Olympians with full moustaches, leather shoes and proper button-up shirts. And let’s not even get started on women athletes’ get-ups.

But how much do you actually know about the history of the Olympic games? Try your knowledge with our quiz...