Rishi Sunak Absolutely Rinsed After Dialling Up The Cringe In Latest Video

The prime minister was publicising the government's latest crackdown on mobile phone use in schools.
Rishi Sunak in his latest video
Rishi Sunak in his latest video
X/Downing Street/Labour Party

Rishi Sunak has been mocked online over his latest cringeworthy video.

The prime minister has made a habit of posting a series of videos which have highlighted his, er, limited acting skills.

His latest effort was aimed at publicising the government’s crackdown on mobile phone use in schools.

In it, he tries to record a piece to camera but is continually interrupted by his phone ringing in his pocket.

He eventually throws it away and says: “See how frustrating that is. Almost one-third of secondary school pupils said their lessons were disrupted by phones.

“We know they’re a distraction in the classroom and cause bullying in schools. Many schools have already banned them, which has led to a better and safer learning environment for their students.

“Now, we’re publishing new guidance so other schools can have the support they need to do the same.”

But it didn’t take long for social media to do its thing and thoroughly mock the PM.

The Labour Party posted its own version of the video, asking: “What sort of notifications could be annoying Rishi Sunak so much?”

They then show the prime minister looking at mocked-up news alerts showing Britain has gone into recession, NHS waiting lists have gone up and his failure to keep his promise to stop the small boats crossing the Channel.

It also showed he had missed calls from Liz Truss and Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers and the man who tells the party’s leaders when it’s time for them to quit.

Other responses to Sunak’s original post on X were equally brutal.

In 2022, Sunak was roasted over a video he posted wishing England and Wales good luck in that year’s World Cup.

And in December, the PM was again criticised over a Home Alone-style video he posted wishing everyone a Happy Christmas.


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