Rishi Sunak Teased Over 'Cringe' World Cup 2022 Video

"David Cameron levels of cringe on display here," said one social media user.
Prime minister Rishi Sunak
Prime minister Rishi Sunak
Downing Street / Rishi Sunak Twitter

Rishi Sunak has released a new PR video wishing England and Wales good luck in the World Cup.

The prime minister is much slicker than his predecessors when it comes to social media and self promotion.

However, his latest post has sparked a backlash from those who think it is “cringe” or have objections to the competition in Qatar.

In the video, the PM opens up a red box to find a Match of the Day wall chart, he grabs a pen and circles some matches before sticking it to his office wall.

ITV News correspondent Rupert Evelyn commented: “Government no longer routinely putting up ministers to public scrutiny but putting up posters instead.”

One social media user quipped: “David Cameron levels of cringe on display here.”

Another added: “Not sure about you, but I’d rather have the PM and the chancellor spending their time figuring out a growth strategy than wasting time on football.”

While one simply likened him to Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean character.

However, not everyone teased the PM with former Tory minister Lord Bethell commenting: “That is exactly what I imagine Rishi Sunak did this morning. So on brand.”

Another Twitter user added: “Sunak my man! Love it!”

The PM has sparked headlines with curious posts in the past including a campaign video likened to The Inbetweeners and a bizarre Brexit clip in which the camera focused on an unknown man’s midriff as he moved boxes and paperwork around.