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It was a big surprise to most of the footballing world when Russia and Qatar were chosen to host the World Cup in 2018 and 2022 respectively...
Qatar must allow international safety experts to assess the death toll so far and ensure that not one more person dies needlessly. If London 2012 could host an entire Olympics with no work-related fatalities, then Qatar can do the same for the World Cup. It's all down to will and political leadership.
England could host the 2022 World Cup if asked by Fifa in the the wake of corruption allegations, a Cabinet minister has
So, Sepp Blatter wins again. Despite all the scandal (forget the past few days, the past 17 years should've been enough), Blatter has been once more crowned king at the head of FIFA. Predictable, if still hugely depressing - this is, after all, the man who suggested female footballers wear tighter shorts, who's shrugged off stories of match-fixing, who confidently once declared, "there is no racism in football".
Five international footballers, including former Tottenham midfielder David Ginola, have demanded Qatar abolish the labour
UEFA called on Wednesday for the forthcoming FIFA presidential election to be postponed following revelations that Swiss
Never short of an opinion, and in one of his more perky reflections to date, Morrissey has suggested that the same-sex marriage
The World Cup in Qatar had another public relations hit recently, when a press relations exercise went badly wrong - a real
Qatar's deep-seated labour issues are going to take a lot of sorting out. Millions of overseas workers will continue to risk being cheated, underpaid, overworked, maimed through injury and even killed while they slog through their long hot days building the stadia and associated infrastructure for this football jamboree. Meanwhile, we're likely to get more and more puff stories about Qatar's "model" accommodation blocks and worker villages
There are three options. The first is that there is no corruption in the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding processes and every report to the contrary is just an extraordinary coincidence, or a conspiracy put together by people bitter about the results of recent World Cup bids. Stop sniggering, it's possible.