England Fans Unravel Israeli TV Interview With Just Two Words

Live broadcast comes through as the best form of entertainment once again.

An interview with England fans took a surprising turn after Sunday’s victory at the Qatar World Cup.

After the England team won against Senegal, meaning they were through to the final eight and will play France on Saturday, December 10, fans were absolutely elated.

In between celebrating, one particular group were taken aside to be interviewed by Israeli TV, where a presenter asked: “Wait a minute – first question.

″Is it coming home?”

The four shouted back confirmation, with one singing the famous football chant directly into the mic – before he suddenly interrupted himself.

“But but but – more importantly,” he paused, leant into the microphone and shouted: “Free Palestine!”

He held up the mic and looked at the camera triumphantly, briefly putting his arm around the reporter, while the presenter looked away completely defeated and shrugged off the football fan.

The group quickly walked off.

Considering the ongoing tensions between Israel and Palestine, it’s not surprising the presenter did not want to talk more about the topic – especially as the group sided with the Palestinians.

Israeli reporters have largely been ignored completely by football fans or repeatedly interrupted by chants of “Free Palestine” throughout the tournament.

Israel is still not on good terms with many Arab nations due to its treatment of the Middle Eastern state – and now it appears England fans have waded into the issue, too.

A similar situation unfolded on TikTok a few days ago, where an English fan told the account QatarLiving: “One, football is coming home.”

He then shouted “Free Palestine” in Arabic, to the delight of the crowd gathered around him. The English fan cheered and waved a Palestinian flag as the group all chanted together.


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