Rita Ora Breaks Down In Emotional Interview As She Discusses Struggles In The Spotlight

“I was on a rollercoaster, living my dream but then when I would wake up it’d be like silent and it wouldn’t feel nice."
Rita Ora
Rita Ora
David M. Benett via Getty Images

Rita Ora was overcome with emotion as she discussed the more difficult parts of her time in the spotlight during a recent interview.

The Praising You singer broke down in tears as she shared her struggles and fears with Dragons’ Den star Steven Bartlett on his Diary Of A CEO podcast.

Speaking about the height of her fame, she said: “I was on a rollercoaster, living my dream but then when I would wake up it’d be like silent and it wouldn’t feel nice.

“There was a sense of having to work to prove myself, I was a naive young dreamer and that’s exactly what you should be at that age.”

She was also asked about her past professional failures, to which she said: “Certain things not positioning chart-wise how you wanted or making decisions that may have not been right. Mistakes being made.”

Rita said these would make her feel “broken”, continuing: “It makes me feel like everything I’ve done is about to disappear and takes me back to the fear of losing everything.

“When the world is looking at you, you just break down, you just get so fearful.”

She went on: “All I think about is my mum and dad because they’ve worked so hard to get me to this point, I have my whole family to keep afloat.

“You can’t help but always blame yourself for everything, the only way forward is to keep moving forward.

“I’ve always tried to be myself and be very genuine and I’ve never changed who I am, I don’t always get it right but who does. But I feel more human, I’m just a human at the end of the day.”

Rita has just released her third studio album entitled You & I, which is currently on course for a top three position in the mid-week album chart.

She has spoken of how much of the music was inspired by her personal life in recent times, having married film director and actor Taika Waititi last year.

The couple, who were reported to have started dating in March 2021 after she went to Australia to work as a coach on the local version of The Voice, recently worked together after he directed the video for her recent Fatboy Slim collaboration, Praising You.

Steven Bartlett’s Diary Of A CEO podcast is available to stream now, or watch the full interview below...


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