School Named After Confederate General May Be Renamed Schooly McSchoolerson After Public Vote

They obviously didn't learn any lessons from Boaty McBoatface.

A school in Texas had a Boaty McBoatface moment after internet jokesters hijacked a poll to change their name.

Robert E. Lee Elementary in Austin, Texas asked the public to suggest new names after hundreds of parents said they were offended by its homage to the Confederate Army General.

Some of the names put forward were entirely serious, with 30 people voting for the school to be named after late novelist Harper Lee, and 35 voicing their support for the name to go unchanged.

However, other suggestions for the rebrand included Donald J. Trump Elementary and the Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance.


Other notable names put forward by members of the public include:

  • Schooly McSchoolerson
  • Schoolie McSchoolface
  • Politically Correct Elementary School #1
  • The Elementary School Formerly Known as Robert E. Lee
  • Confederate Hero High
  • Forgetting the Past Dooms You to Repeat It Elementary
  • Hypothetical Perfect Person Memorial Elementary School
  • Generic School Name
  • Kanye West Elementary

Donald J. Trump Elementary is currently leading the poll with 45 nominations.