These Robot Babies Are So Realistic, We're Struggling To Work Out What Is Real

Creepy or cute?🍼

With advances across the robotics industry, the last year has seen innovative machines that can weed your garden, park your car, perform brain surgery, and even pretend to be your girlfriend.

But now we’ve got a nominee for the most realistic robot to date - a newborn baby.


Spanish company Babyclon revealed their new animatronic baby at a trade show in Bilbao at the weekend, and are already sending ripples through the industry because of their astoundingly realistic look.

The (somewhat eerie) babies are the first of their kind in the world, catering to groups of collectors who highly value the dolls realistic looks and their ability to do baby-like things such as breath and suck a dummy.

They are also able to feed and then go to the toilet at regular intervals.

Made from platinum medical silicone, a flexible and elastic material, highly resilient for long-term ownership. And because the silicone contains very little oil, it will last much longer than competitors, according to the brand.

You can also buy additional accessories such as umbilical cords for the dolls, although you’ll have to be quick as there are only five units available worldwide.

But with a price tag of approximately $5,000 (or 4,000 Euros), you might need to save up before you invest in one.


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