Ronnie Pickering Returns With Latest Expletive Laden Video After Infamous Road Rage Debut

We now know who he is.

Ronnie Pickering, the foul-mouthed motorist who shot to fame with his repeated demands to know if we knew who he was, is back.

Six months after he achieved viral fame for shouting abuse at a hapless moped driver who had annoyed him, Mr Pickering has uploaded a new video of him castigating parking attendants for doing their job.

He doesn't appear in the video frame as he is holding the camera but his voice and trademark swear words are all there.

He is apparently intervening on behalf of the elderly couple parked on double yellow lines outside a shopping centre in Hull.

"You're going on YouTube," he tells one attendant. "They're pensioners, right, listen dickhead, they're pensioners, dickhead."

He uses other, ruder words from the original video.

It ends with the attendant walking away after the man from the car waves something resembling a permit and demands his name.

In the video, he does not appear to issue any sort of fine and as he walks away, he protests he is only doing his job.

Mr Pickering also posted a shorter clip to his Facebook of two other parking staff walking away. apparently in the same place but a different incident, from him as he says: "Turn around! Turn around!"

Mr Pickering also posted to Facebook: "why do you all giv a flying fuck . if it was ya gran and grandad . you would do the same. fuck em."

As well as: "Should of let the twat put the fine on the old couple then hey . feel better then sad fucks ...

He adds: "keep going make me rich... i realy hope you dont get a parking fine as i wont be there."

He appears to have removed the video from his Facebook page as of Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Pickering has courted publicity in recent months. He sold his famous red Citreon he drove in the original video for charity and his Facebook page has posts of various news articles relating to his rant.

In March, he ominously wrote: "WELL WHAT CAN I SAY TO THAT. i,am wanted on the next celebrity big brother .w,t,f. i dont know about going on there tho. would have to think about that one."

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