28/05/2019 16:07 BST | Updated 29/05/2019 09:26 BST

Has Rory Stewart Become The Accidental Sweetheart Of The Tory Leadership Campaign?

"Rory Stewart is in your kitchen for the next hour if you want to chat about Brexit."

When Theresa May emotionally announced last week that she would be stepping down as prime minister, the name ‘Rory Stewart’ probably didn’t pop into your head when thinking about Number 10′s next occupant. 

With party heavyweights including Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab and Michael Gove in the race for the Tory leadership, you might not even know who Stewart – who was promoted to the Cabinet just weeks ago – is. 

But what the international development secretary lacks in fame, he is certainly making up for in charm. 

Eschewing the typical leadership campaign, Stewart’s main tactic for gaining support appears to be wandering around the country looking for people to chat to. 

Travelling between towns and boroughs giving voters the chance to “talk or challenge me”, the Rory-roadshow has already visited Barking, Borough Market, Kew Gardens and Lewisham... 

Unsurprisingly, the Tory MP’s *very* enthusiastic campaign has generated some attention on Twitter...  

As has this *excellent* moody photo of the wannabe PM: 

And the fact his name is actually... Rod Stewart?! 

With bookies ranking Stewart’s chance of bagging the top job in the Tory Party at 16/1 (compared to Boris Johnson’s 6/4 odds), he’s unlikely to be picking his Cabinet any time soon. But we are *here for* the rest of his election campaign.