Ross Kemp Defends Celebrities Who've Commented On The Migrant Crisis

Gary Lineker and Lily Allen have been criticised for being vocal on political issues.

Ross Kemp has defended celebrities including Gary Lineker and Lily Allen, who have been criticised for weighing in on the migrant crisis.

While many fans of Gary and Lily have praised the pair for lending their voices to the ongoing debates, others have not been so kind, and a column in The Sun suggested Gary should be sacked by the BBC for “peddling migrant lies”.

Ross Kemp, Lily Allen and Gary Lineker
Ross Kemp, Lily Allen and Gary Lineker
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However, Ross - whose latest documentary takes him to Libya, where he learns more about the treacherous journey taken by migrants hoping to reach Europe - has shared his support for stars making their voices heard on the matter.

During an appearance on BUILD, on the question of whether celebrity voices have a place in these social and political debates, Ross replied: “I think everybody’s entitled to their opinion, and we have social media.

“I happen to like Lily and Gary as human beings and respect their views.

“I don’t respect everybody’s view on social media but that’s the nature of it and also what makes it so interesting, we’ve all got a voice and I’m 100% behind that... whether I agree with it [people’s view], or disagree with it.”

Ross sees boats full of migrants being rescued
Ross sees boats full of migrants being rescued
Sky One

The documentary concludes Ross’s current Sky One series, ‘Extreme Worlds’, and his team were the first Western filmmakers to travel to Libya’s desert regions, joining the migrants on their journey.

During the interview, he also discussed what it was like filming the various ‘Extreme Worlds’ episodes, admitting that it felt understandably bizarre to return to ‘EastEnders’ in between shoots.

See what he had to say about that below...

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