02/08/2016 10:09 BST | Updated 02/08/2016 10:10 BST

Roundabout Road Rage Scrap In Falkirk, Scotland, Caught On Film

'What are you doing, you psychopath.'

A  road rage fight between a biker and a motorist at a busy roundabout in Scotland has been caught on film. 

The fight began after the motorist pulled up beside the biker in his Mitsubishi 4x4 near the Westfield Roundabout in Falkirk, Grangemouth, and called him a “fucking bastard”. 

The biker, who uploaded the footage to YouTube, wrote that the driver had “started a scene first”.

However, he admitted he had “filtered up the left hand side at a red light, upon zigzag lines, which in retrospect was not a smart move and/or legal”.

“This was the cause for this crazed man to attack me in a road rage manner,” he added. 

2wheel honda
The motorist can be seen shoving the motorcyclist during the road rage incident in Scotland

The biker wrote that, at the time, he was “unaware” why the motorist was angry, so “I tried to get him to pull over and figure out what his problem was”.

After being abused by the motorist, the biker responded in kind, with a string of expletives, “fuck you, you fucking... fucking pull up then, you fucking...”

The motorist needed no further invitation, and within seconds confronted the biker, shoving him to the ground. 

The biker wrote: “Once the man began attacking me, it turned the scario (sic) from being a verbal conflict to a simple assault, with (me) being shoved over, and then kicked in the ribs.”

The biker then followed the motorist back to his vehicle, taunting him with: “What are you doing, you psychopath?”. 

“The reason I followed him back around to his side of his vehicle was to assure that he wasn’t going to obtain a weapon to overpower himself (sic) and cause more damage, from already seeing how quickly the incident escalated from the beginning,” the biker wrote on YouTube. 

The bust-up then continued with the pair trying to wrestle each other to the ground as traffic streamed past. 

2wheel honda
The motorist walks back to his vehicle after shoving the motorcyclist to the ground

The fight was eventually broken up by fellow motorists who had pulled over to stop the altercation. 

One man could be heard telling the motorcyclist to calm down, while handing him back his visor which had broken off during the altercation.

The driver returned to his vehicle and fled the scene as the biker made a ‘tosser’ gesture at him. 

He then struggled to explain to onlookers what had happened: “I didn’t ken [understand] what’s he’s expecting if he’s gonna punch a helmet.”

A Police Scotland spokesman told the Mirror that officers were “following a positive line of enquiry” into the incident which took place on July 29.