Royal Baby Archie's Feet Feature In Instagram Post – Can We All Appreciate How Cute They Are?

Is there anything cuter than tiny tootsies? 👣

Baby Archie made his second royal appearance on Instagram yesterday, as a snap of his adorable tiny feet were shared to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The photo showed Meghan Markle holding and presenting Archie’s feet to the camera, with the message: “This is the first Mother’s Day for The Duchess of Sussex.”

Commenting on the photo, royal fans were quick to agree that nothing gets cuter than baby feet. “Baby feet are the sweetest feet,” one person wrote. “I just took a look at my little ones after seeing this pic.”

Another person wrote: “Beautiful, beautiful, scrumptious royal baby feet haha. Love how diddy his toes are!”

Someone else commented: “Cute little feet! How sweet.”

But of course, parents have long known just adorable baby’s tooties are. The little, curled-up toes. The soft creases. The slightly pink colour. They’re just so tiny.