The Royal Navy Is Testing A Robot Army In Scotland Right Now

The Royal Navy Is Testing A Robot Army In Scotland Right Now

The Royal Navy has begun a massive training exercise involving a huge number of unmanned vehicles in the air, on the surface of the sea and underwater.

It’s called Unmanned Warrior and includes over 50 vehicles working together using a sophisticated network of sensors and systems.


The Navy have chosen Scotland and West Wales as the main locations for Unmanned Warrior where manufacturers including BAE Systems and Thales will test out the latest in naval drone technology.

At its peak, Unmanned Warrior will utilise nine different autonomous systems operating at the same time. They’ll be talking to each other, responding to each other’s actions and working to complete joint objectives.

Vehicles include BAE Systems’ Pacific Class 950 Unmanned Rigid Inflatable Boat as well as small unmanned drones.

BAE Systems

Unmanned Warrior will be carried out alongside Joint Warrior, a vast UK-led Nato exercise that’s held twice a year.

Joint Warrior involves nearly 6,000 personnel from various countries including the US, Sweden, Germany and Norway.

It will comprise of 31 warships, submarines and as many as 70 aircraft.


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