uk robots

Many workers fear robots are coming for their jobs, according to a survey.
"This is what they'll do when they win," one Twitter user quipped.
Here's what 'Cira 3' has been getting up to in a hospital in Tanta, Egypt.
Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have built a four-legged robot “cheetah” that can perform a 360-degree backflip from a standing position. The team released some truly impressive test footage of the robot backflipping, jumping, running and standing up again when kicked over.
Pepper the robot was the first non-human to be a witness in Parliament, as it spoke before the Education Committee. The robot is being developed to be culturally aware so it can work with the elderly.
There are concerns however the robots could be eaten by turtles.
Sounds bad, but actually it could be really useful.
'You still need knowledge of how to weld to programme a welding robot.'