12/03/2018 10:09 GMT | Updated 03/05/2018 15:34 BST

Bottled Royal Wedding Air: We Have Reached Peak Terrible Memorabilia

Don't they know they missed April Fool's Day?

We’ve seen our fair share of terrible royal wedding memorabilia released in the last few months to commemorate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day, but we think we’ve finally found the joke item to end all items.

A website has been created that claims to sell bottles of ‘royal wedding day air’, so even if you aren’t one of the 2,460 members of the public with an invite to the celebration, you can have a sniff of the air collected in their vicinity.

Purporting to be fresh from Windsor, the company claim they are going to be capturing the scent of the day: “This means you will have your own royal air to use in years to come. or maybe keep and pass down through the generations - a real family heirloom.” Don’t they know they missed April Fool’s Day? 

In the past few months we’ve also seen everything from tea towels to tea cups, to beer and even condoms. 

But if the final selection is anything like that made available for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 2011 wedding - even the Royal Mint and Royal Mail got involved making souvenir coins and stamps - there’s plenty more to come.