03/05/2018 17:08 BST | Updated 03/05/2018 17:15 BST

Royal Wedding Picnic Ideas Inspired By Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Since the public are being advised to bring their own picnic, here are some royally tasty ideas.

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The couple are set to marry on 19 May this year.

Members of the public attending the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been advised to bring their own picnics on 19 May.

While the Palace has said there will be some “light refreshments and snacks”, it looks like all 2,640 people that have been invited into the grounds of Windsor Castle will need to start stocking up on the scotch eggs.

Outside of the castle grounds, it’s estimated there will be tens of thousands of people descending on the relatively small town. And across Britain, there’ll be street parties, royal wedding-themed events and more.

So whether you’ve been invited to the wedding, are heading down to Windsor or simply celebrating from your local park, here’s some guidance on pulling together a Great British picnic. 

You will need: 

:: A basket, rucksack or tote bag. (Basically anything that you can carry an obscene amount of food in.)

:: A blanket to sit on, obvs.

:: Paper plates, cups and cutlery. No sharp knives.

:: An ice block to keep everything cool.

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Who doesn't love a picnic?


:: A selection of sandwiches or wraps with your favourite fillings. Why not go all out and try fillings you wouldn’t usually have - like salmon and cream cheese, or jam? We also know the happy couple are huge fans of roast chicken (which is what was on the menu the night Harry popped the question) *grabs the mayo*.

:: Sausage rolls are a British picnic staple. For people who don’t eat meat, Linda McCartney does some veggie versions here.

:: Scotch eggs - another staple food. 

:: Salad - add some dressing and put it in a washed out jam jar, or make a pasta salad (in homage to one of Markle’s fave foods) if you’re feeling fancy.

:: Crisps - Tyrrells have just launched new ‘Ginger and Sparkle’ glitter crisps in homage to the happy couple.

:: Carrot or cucumber sticks with hummus. Healthy and delicious.

:: Fruit - Markle reportedly loves watermelon, which could be very refreshing if the mercury soars.

:: Cake - Tesco are doing a royal wedding celebration cake for £8 which serves 16 people, while Mr Kipling are selling Wedding (Viennese) Whirls, Princely (Apple) Pies and Bridal (Fondant) Fancies. Or you could just go all GBBO and bake one.


:: A big bottle of water to stay hydrated. 

:: Flask of tea or coffee - in homage to Her Majesty.

:: Bottle of bubbly or a bottle of red. Markle is a huge fan of the latter and reportedly named her website The Tig after a bottle of Tignanello. Fact.

:: Optional: cans of booze from the corner shop (G+T or Pimms would be our obvious choice).