31/05/2017 17:43 BST | Updated 31/05/2017 17:45 BST

Russell Brand Endorses Jeremy Corbyn In Latest Repeat Of 2015 Election

'The day the polls turned'.

In a blog for HuffPost UK, Russell Brand has urged the public to back Labour to allow Jeremy Corbyn to stage a British “revolution”.

“Whether it’s the Iraq War or badger-baiting, Corbyn has been allied with common sense and compassion in pretty much every Parliamentary argument,” the comedian and author wrote when declaring for the first time that he wanted Corbyn as Prime Minister.

For some, it had the ring of the familiar.

Yep, we’ve been here before.


In 2015, the comic - who has 12 million Twitter followers - famously suggested voting was not worth it, but endorsed then Labour leader Ed Miliband at the last minute after interviewing him for his The Trews YouTube channel.

But it’s not just the comedian’s intervention that has people checking their diary.

On Tuesday night, social media went ape when a new YouGov poll for The Times suggested for the first time the election could be heading for a hung parliament. It brought to mind the infamous Guardian headline from 2015.

The Guardian

But there are many more striking similarities. 

So if you see Corbyn lurking close to a stonemason you’ll know we’ve gone full 2015. 

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