Photos Capturing The Chaos In Ukraine As UK Nationals Urged To Flee War Zone

Russia has finally declared war on Ukraine, triggering a mass evacuation.

Vladimir Putin has just declared war on Ukraine after weeks of threats, leaving the country in chaos.

Despite repeated warnings from the West about invading Ukraine, Russian troops swept through parts of the European nation overnight and demanded its military lay down its arms.

Putin claimed he does not intend to occupy Ukraine with his “special military operation” but his actions suggest otherwise.

Ukrainian president Volodmyr Zelenskyy has vowed to fight the Russian forces to protect the country’s sovereignty, and it has just severed all diplomatic relations with Russia.

Martial law is now in place across Ukraine and warning sirens have erupted across the country while rocket attacks have started targeted Ukrainian fighter jets at an airport outside Kyiv.

The country’s state emergency service reported attacks against 10 Ukrainian regions, particularly in the east and south. Allegedly, Ukraine forces shot down five Russian aircrafts and a helicopter in the Luhansk region.

Information about shootings is still coming in.

The public are now seeking shelter underground in the capital of Kyiv and neighbourhood countries, while the UK government has urged British nationals to evacuate.

The Foreign Office released a statement early on Thursday which read: “We advise British nationals to leave Ukraine immediately if you judge it is safe to do so.

“If you cannot leave safely, you should stay indoors, away from windows and remain alert to developments that would allow you to leave safely.”

Here are some of the latest images emerging from the ground this morning:


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