"Why are war refugees a ‘security risk’ but Russian oligarchs in the House of Lords are not?"
Russian convoys have been pouring into the country as part of Putin's invasion.
"Oh, actually...I was crouching down right by a grenade. I didn't see that. Let's move away from that."
Russia has finally declared war on Ukraine, triggering a mass evacuation.
Some media outlets have been called out for describing the events of the last 24 hours inaccurately.
It comes after Truss' Russian counterpart said their talks were like a conversation "between a deaf and dumb person".
“A lot of these problems were caused by Brexit, a self-destruct button, and yes I pressed it.”
With no long-term funding plan for emergency hotels, councils and charities have their say on what needs to happen next.
New research shows that thousands of people will be sleeping on the streets, in tents or on public transport this Christmas.
Auditing firm KMPG is in the spotlight for dubious dealings. Political analyst Khaya Sithole gives us some insight into the company, and possible fallout.