Russian Billionaire Wants To Live Forever Through Robots

This could be the future of humanity

The road to immortality is paved with robots, according to Russian web mogul Dmitry Itskov.

The billionaire believes living forever will be possible by uploading personalities to robots.

Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov
Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov
Mary Altaffer/AP

Itskov founded the 2045 Initiative in 2011 with an aim to achieve immortality in the next 30 years.

Dubbing the process as a "personality transfer," he has already employed engineers and neuroscientists to further his cause.

His quest will feature in BBC's Horizon documentary, 'The Immortalist,' which will air on 16 March.

"The ultimate goal of my plan is to transfer someone's personality into the new artificial carrier," he told the documentary makers.

"Different scientists call it uploading or they call it mind transfer. I prefer to call it personality transfer."

He added, he is "100 percent sure it will happen".

Backing this certainty is a plan involving humanoid robots known as "avatars" and artificial brains.

The first phase of the process reportedly involves a robotic version of a human, which is controlled by a computer/brain - an interface of man and machine.

The ultimate purpose of this creation would be to act as a host to human personalities, which will allow a person to live forever.

However, the 35-year-old's plans don't stop with immortality,

He has also launched a political party known as Evolution 2045, which aims to lead mankind in the "path of neo-humanity," Motherboard reports.


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