Immortality has been considered by many, to be the ultimate achievement for humanity. To defeat death is to defeat the last
The controversial claim has the scientific community in uproar.
Immortality is for many the final great achievement for mankind. To effectively halt the ageing process it would signify
The road to immortality is paved with robots, according to Russian web mogul Dmitry Itskov. The billionaire believes living
Few of us find taxes exciting, but death - even just thinking about it - affects us profoundly in many different ways. This is why researchers across so many different fields study it from their perspectives. Here are five research findings - biochemical, medical, genetic, sociological and psychological - that you may not be aware of.
A service claims to be able to create a digital 'eternal' version of your personality, which can live on after you die. It's
Dmitry Itskov wants a world in which we can live forever in an android body - and he wants it soon. The 32-year-old Russian