Ryan Reynolds Trolls Fans Once Again As He Launches Streaming Platform With Just One Film

And can you guess which actor is in the lead role?

Ryan Reynolds has trolled his fans once again after launching his very own streaming service, with just one film in its catalogue.

No prizes for guessing who’s in the starring role of that film either.

The actor – who previously bought a stake in wireless carrier Mint Mobile in November 2019 – announced on Twitter: “Every tech company needs a streaming service.

“So… introducing Mint Mobile +. The world’s most affordable streaming service!”

Alongside the announcement was a 30-second montage from Foolproof, an oft-overlooked early offering from Ryan’s filmography.

Foolproof is a Canadian heist film from 2003, and was one of the first times Ryan had a leading role on the big screen.

We have to be honest, we probably won’t be taking advantage of Mint Mobile +, but if you’re curious about it, you’ll have to act quickly, with Ryan later tweeting: “Two minutes after launch and our crack data team has already determined Mint Mobile + should probably be shut down by the weekend. We’ll go back to focusing on premium wireless…”

We have to hand it to Ryan, though, he really has gone all in with this one. Mint Mobile + genuinely does exist (for now), with the homepage looking like this…

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds
Mint Mobile +


In addition to acting in films like Deadpool, The Proposal and Definitely, Maybe, Ryan is known by fans for his penchant for a spot of online trolling.

This is usually at the expense of fellow actor Hugh Jackman, with whom he has a long-standing friendly rivalry, or his wife Blake Lively, who he frequently crops out of their couple photos.


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