Hugh Jackman

Having escaped from low-budget romcoms, the Deadpool actor has become Hollywood's second highest paid star. So what went so right?
The Deadpool star posted a hilarious clip of the video he says he was "legally obligated" to share with the world.
The actor joked he was "more magician than Wolverine" in the old footage.
Hugh says he's expecting a lot of bitterness and anger from his faux rival over the big news.
Imagine standing for hours on end in Catwoman's heels.
The Wolverine star's attempt to mark 24 years with Deborra-Lee Furness received a hilarious interjection from his long-standing "rival".
It’s been a week of surprises in the world of entertainment. Ryan Reynolds sang to Hugh Jackman live on stage during his world tour, Henry leaves The Great British Bake Off tent, Dev Griffin dramatically exits Strictly Come Dancing, Jennifer Aniston and her Friends crash Instagram, and the people have spoken on Piers Morgan as his job is put to a vote on Good Morning Britain.
The Wolverine actor thought his friend had actually done something nice for his birthday. He was wrong.
Andrew Moffat from Parkfield Community School in Birmingham could win one million US dollars.