11/12/2020 16:12 GMT | Updated 11/12/2020 21:20 GMT

Sabrina's Original Aunt Hilda And Zelda Appear In Nostalgic Chilling Adventures Crossover

Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick played the teenage witch's aunts in the 90s sitcom.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch remains one of the greatest 90s shows ever made (don’t @ us), so we can imagine fans will be feeling pretty nostalgic after seeing a crossover with the Chilling Adventures version of the show. 

The original Aunt Hilda and Zelda – aka Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick – have popped up in a new promo for ‘part four’ of Netflix’s reimagined series. 

Sabrina, which initially began as an Archie comic, was updated with a new sinister twist for the streaming service in 2018, with Kiernan Shipka taking over from Melissa Joan Hart as the titular witch. 

In the sketch, the 90s Aunt Hilda and Zelda meet Kiernan’s Sabrina, who is confused by their sudden change of appearance.

Lucy Davis and Miranda Otto usually appear as Aunt Hilda and Zelda in Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. 

Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick appeared alongside Melissa Joan Hart in Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Beth (centre left) and Caroline with their Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina counterparts 

They will be reprising their roles in the upcoming second half of the second season – dubbed part four – when it debuts on Netflix on 31 December. 

It will also serve as the last instalment, after Netflix announced it was cancelling Chilling Adventures earlier this year. 

Sabrina The Teenage Witch previously ran for seven seasons between 1996 and 2003. 

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