Rosamund Pike Had Her Say About The Viral Saltburn Bathtub Candle At The Golden Globes

And one Saltburn star claims to own one for himself...
Rosamund Pike poses with a "Jacob Elordi's Bath Water" candle at the Golden Globes
Rosamund Pike poses with a "Jacob Elordi's Bath Water" candle at the Golden Globes
Entertainment Tonight

Saltburn, Emerald Fennell’s divisive 2023 film, continues to dominate movie conversation, and is probably receiving more hype than ever if TikTok is anything to go by.

Starring the likes of Jacob Elordi, Barry Keoghan and Rosamund Pike, the movie – which is available to stream on Prime Video – follows a working class Oxford University student in the 2000s who falls in with a charming, young aristocrat and his family.

Across the internet, people have been obsessing over every detail in the film, from Elordi’s sun-kissed frolicking at the start of the movie, to Pike’s witty one-liners throughout the film. Indeed, Saltburn still has fans in a chokehold despite debuting in cinemas back in November last year.

But no scene has people more excited that the bathtub scene. Viewers will recall how Elordi’s character Felix masturbates to completion in a bath before disappearing, only for Keoghan’s Oliver to steal in and secretly slurp up some of his rapidly depleting, semen-laced bath water.

In fact, it’s gotten people so excitable that they’ve started creating products inspired by the scene, or specifically, Jacob Elordi/Felix Catton’s bath water.

You can now make your own bath water cocktail, bath water shot and/or buy a lovely scented candle that will supposedly make your house smell like Elordi just had a bout of watery me-time in the room.

Barry Keoghan has owned up to apparently being in possession of 10 of the candles, and now Elordi’s on-screen mother Rosamund Pike has had her say about it as well.

When being interviewed at 2024′s Golden Globes, Entertainment Tonight asked the actor what she thought of the candle that had been going viral online.

The actress admitted through laughter that she’d been made aware of it before posing with it. “Ah, but he’s my son, it gets a bit creepy” she joked along with reporters.

Pike was nominated for Best Supporting Performance in a Motion Picture for her work in Saltburn, but lost out at last night’s ceremony to Da’Vine Joy Randolph for her performance in The Holdovers.

The Gone Girl star previously admitted that watching the film made her “uncomfortable” but that it was also “really fun” to inhabit her character.

Saltburn is currently steaming in the UK on Prime Video.


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