Rosamund Pike Reveals The Shocking Practical Reason Behind Her Elaborate Golden Globes Outfit

"I realised I had to think carefully about how I was going to make an appearance on a red carpet...”
Rosamund Pike at the 2024 Golden Globes
Rosamund Pike at the 2024 Golden Globes
John Salangsang/Golden Globes 2024 via Getty Images

At Sunday night’s Golden Globes, Rosamund Pike served up a fashion moment that’s going to be hard to beat as awards season goes on.

Walking the red carpet at this year’s ceremony, the British star was seen sporting an elaborate black dress with lace detail, alongside a matching hat.

However, the Saltburn actor has revealed that while the look was inspired by her character from the film, there was also a more practical reason behind it.

“[The look] was inspired by a skiing accident I had on 26 December,” she confessed to Access Hollywood as she made her way into the event.

“I did some freestyle on my chin, and I realised I had to think carefully about how I was going to make an appearance on a red carpet in just under two weeks.”

Elsewhere on the red carpet, Rosamund told Variety she’d chosen to wear a “protective veil” after the skiing incident left her face “entirely smashed up”.

“Actually, it’s healed,” she added. “But I kind of fell in love with the look.”

Rosamund received her fourth Golden Globe nomination for her performance in Saltburn as the eccentric and, at times, insensitive matriarch Lady Elspeth Catton.

The polarising film has already sparked a lot of conversation since its official release last month, with Rosamund sharing her first impressions of Saltburn in a recent candid interview.

“I don’t know quite what it was, I was made to feel quite uncomfortable,” she admitted.

“I think the camera is so personal, the lens is so close and you really see everything. And our editor was very, very fine and detailed. So yeah, I was shocked and very uncomfortable.”

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