Kieran Culkin Had 3 Choice Words For Pedro Pascal After Beating Him At The Golden Globes

The Succession star's speech got off to a chaotic start and just kept going...
Kieran Culkin and Pedro Pascal at the Golden Globes
Kieran Culkin and Pedro Pascal at the Golden Globes

More than 20 years after his first nomination, Kieran Culkin finally won a Golden Globe on Sunday night.

The American actor beat some seriously stiff competition to scoop the award for Best Performance By A Male Actor In A TV Drama thanks to his performance as Roman Roy in Succession.

And as fans of Kieran’s might have anticipated, the speech started off on a chaotic note and just kept going.

Kieran got the ball rolling by apologising for “burping” into the mic due to apparent “indigestion”, before referencing his wife Jazz Charlton and saying: “I’ve blown it already, Jazz. You were right. You said, ‘just say thanks and leave’. You were right.”

He then gave a shout-out to another of his fellow nominees, adding: “Thanks to Succession I’ve been in here a couple of times. It’s nice but I’d sort of accepted that I was never going to be on this stage. So this is a nice moment.

“Suck it, Pedro! Sorry! Mine!”

The cameras then cut to a beaming Pedro Pascal in the audience, who played along by pretending to cry at Kieran’s choice words…

After thanking the team at Succession, Kieran was urged to conclude his speech, to which he responded: “I know! Wrap it up!

“I’m going to really quickly just thank three amazing women in my life. My manager, without whom I wouldn’t’ have a career, my wife Jazz for putting up with…this and all the… that comes with it. And my wonderful mum. Mum, thank you so much for doing everything you did for us. You’re an amazing woman.”

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