Pedro Pascal

“I’m gonna have a panic attack and I’m gonna leave..."
The Last Of Us actor will be joined by stars from The Crown, Stranger Things and The Bear in the MCU's latest offering.
The Last of Us star also shared a hilarious message written on his nails at the ceremony.
The Succession star's speech got off to a chaotic start and just kept going...
The forthcoming film marks the first time all four characters have joined the interlinking Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) on screen.
The hit drama picked up a whopping 24 nominations at the Emmys, just behind leading show Succession.
Showrunner Craig Mazin is spilling the tea on who fans almost saw appear in the popular post-apocalyptic series.
The two actors are known for being besties off screen, after getting to know one another while making The Last Of Us.
"I don’t know whether he’s still loving it," the Last Of Us actor said of their co-star.
The Last Of Us star was more than happy to allow fans to recreate his Game Of Thrones death scene – until he wasn't.