Here's What Cillian Murphy Actually Said In His Censored Golden Globes Speech

Not all of the Oppenheimer star's acceptance speech made it into the television broadcast – and we think we might know why.
Cillian Murphy backstage at the Golden Globes after winning his award
Cillian Murphy backstage at the Golden Globes after winning his award
John Salangsang/Golden Globes 2024 via Getty Images

Anyone watching this year’s Golden Globes live broadcast may have been left a little concerned when the sound briefly dropped in the middle of Cillian Murphy’s speech.

Well, it turns out that producers may have been a little uncomfortable with some of the language used in his acceptance speech.

During the ceremony, Oppenheimer stormed ahead with five wins in total, including individual victories for director Christopher Nolan and the film’s leading man, Cillian.

Addressing the audience, the Irish actor began by questioning whether he had “lipstick all over my nose” after a particularly enthusiastic reaction to his win, before commenting: “I’m just going to leave it.”

“I knew the first time that I walked on a Chris Nolan set that it was different,” he continued.

“I could tell by the level of rigour, the level of focus, the level of dedication, the complete lack of any seating options for actors – that I was in the hands of a visionary director, a master. I want to thank Chris and Emma [Thomas, the director’s wife and co-producer] for having faith in me for 20 years…”

It’s at this point that the sound briefly dipped, although an uncensored version of the speech reveals he then added: “...And six feckin’ pictures. Thanks so much.”

Oppenheimer was the big winner at the 2024 Golden Globes, beating its box office “rival” Barbie, which had gone into the ceremony with more nominations than any other film.

Check out the full list of winners from this year’s event here, and take a look at all of the must-see photos from the star-studded red carpet in the gallery below…

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