Christopher Nolan

Here's where film fans can stream Christopher Nolan's other epic movies.
The Oscar nominee plays Jean Tatlock in the epic historical drama.
The Oppenheimer star said another of Christopher Nolan's films broke his heart and "had a big impact" on him.
From Christopher Nolan's unusual writing method, to the cast member with a secret scientist past...
"It's an artistic choice that some people disagree with, and that’s their right," director Christopher Nolan said.
Charles Oppenheimer decried the scene in Christopher Nolan's film in which his grandfather seemingly tries to poison his university tutor.
One of Emily's on-set habits drove the Oscar-nominated director "crazy", so she knew exactly what to buy him when filming finished.
Uday Mahurkar, India's information commissioner, urged director Christopher Nolan to cut the sex scene from his film.
To quote Dannii Minogue, "well, I wasn't expecting that".