Christopher Nolan

Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy are reportedly among those to walk out after the Screen Actors Guild voted for industrial action.
Filmmaker Christopher Nolan has also shared his thoughts on the fact his new film is going head-to-head with Barbie.
The film, telling the story of ‘the father of the atomic bomb’, is one of the most anticipated of the year.
With the movie's release date now just weeks away, the countdown is on for Christopher Nolan’s new real-life thriller.
The long-time actor said he may not be completely done starring as the caped crusader.
After having its release date pushed back three times, the latest film from the Oscar-nominated director is almost here.
“I had to lie ... about having to go for a screen test. I said I had a family emergency."
Imagine standing for hours on end in Catwoman's heels.
World Cup success, emergency response efforts to 2017 terror attacks and campaigners fighting gang culture are recognised in the latest list.