Amazing 97-Year-Old Walks Rescue Dogs Every Day

What an incredible woman.

A 97-year-old volunteer has captured hearts across the UK with her dedication to walking shelter dogs.

Sally, who will be 98 in December, walks up to 10 dogs daily including pooches from her local animal shelter.

She has been volunteering as a dog walker for 40 years, according to BBC Three, and shows no sign of stopping.

“I shall keep going until I’ve finished,” she said. “I don’t sit indoors watching telly or nothing like that. I’m a very active person. I walk about 10 dogs a day. Five dogs before I come here [to the shelter], my neighbours’ dogs, and then I take an old lady’s dog out.”

Sally, who used to work in the fire service, said she doesn’t feel any different now to when she was in her fifties.

The volunteer credits her youthfulness with regular exercise and working.

She added that the dogs and volunteers are like her family.

“The kennels are my life,” she said. “I look forward to coming up here, you know. You do it to help people, that’s what we’re on this earth for, to help one another.”

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