Sam Faiers On Encouraging New Mums To Breastfeed And Baby Paul's Sleep Routine

'It's just the most natural thing to do as a woman.'

Sam Faiers hopes to encourage new mums to breastfeed by sharing photos on her social media.

The 26-year-old, who has recently released her first parenting book ‘My Baby & Me’, said she doesn’t understand “the big fuss” made about brelfies.

Commenting on the coverage of stories such as her breastfeeding on ‘This Morning’ or sharing photos on Instagram, Faiers said: “I just thought breastfeeding was so normal.

“Millions of mums do it, it’s the most natural thing to do as a woman. I don’t see the big fuss.”

Faiers continued: “In a way, I like posting pictures when I do because it’s more to encourage new mums.

“So many young mums don’t see breastfeeding as an option, but I think it’s so much easier to breastfeed if you are able to.

“I do want to normalise it but I don’t know why people don’t think it’s normal. That’s what our boobs are for.

“Once you get past the first couple of weeks - it does hurt and it is sore - but it becomes so easy and lovely bonding as a mum.”

Faiers said when breastfeeding out in public, sometimes she does choose to cover up.

“I sometimes use a shawl because I feel more comfortable,” she added. “Or I’ll put my back to the restaurant if I’m eating but it’s whatever suits you and however you feel comfortable.”

During the Facebook live chat on The Huffington Post UK Facebook page, Faiers also chatted about her one-year-old’s sleep routine.

She said in the past week he has been started to sleep through the night.

“We’ve had baby Paul in the bed with us the whole year,” she explained. “I breastfed on demand and he slept with us every night but when it got to his first birthday, I wanted him in his own cot in his own room.

“A few days after he turned one I put him in his cot and got him into a routine and it just happened overnight.

“He sleeps in his own room from 7pm to 7am, and this morning not until 8am.

“It’s nice but that was our choice to have him in the bed for a year. Some people have babies in a routine after a couple of months - it’s whatever suits you and your lifestyle.”

To listen to the whole video, where Faiers discussed having more children, the challenges of being a mum and “mum guilt”, head to HuffPost UK Parents Facebook page. Faiers’ book, ‘My Baby & Me’, that covers her own personal experiences of being a mum in the first year, is out now.

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