Samsung's New Gadget Makes Virtual Reality More 'Real' By Electrocuting Your Ear

You know that feeling you have as a rollercoaster tips over the edge? It'll give you that...

Samsung has unveiled a pair of headphones which it claims can make virtual reality feel more realistic by tricking your body into feeling like it's moving.

How does it do this? By electrocuting your inner ear, that's right.


They're called the Samsung 4D Entrim headphones and they work by sending very low voltage signals to the vestibular system in the inner ear.

This, when synchronised with the video showing on the Gear VR headset can create the feeling you get when going round a corner in a car or that dropping sensation as a rollercoaster tips over the edge.


The headphones are being shown off at SXSW conference at the moment and are being met with....mixed results.

"It really does feel like you're moving, but it's a little more like seasickness. The movement does match up with the video. When I turned my head left with a turn, I feel a swaying motion. But it feels more like you're rocking back and forth on a boat, instead of looping through a racetrack."

Virtual reality has definitely become the must-have gadget of 2016 and companies have already started looking at ways of making the VR experience feel more real.


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