Mum's Heartbreaking Warning About Head Injuries After 20-Year-Old Son Dies From Hitting Head At Gig

'Take care of yourselves and each other.'

A mum has urged young people to be vigilant about their health after her son died from hitting his head at a gig.

Samuel Pollas was just 20 years old when he went to see punk band NOFX perform in Copenhagen earlier this month.

After hitting his head he felt nauseous and dizzy, which are both signs of traumatic brain injury, but he didn't seek medical attention. Sadly, he died in his sleep.

On Sunday the band posted a message from Samuel's mum on their Facebook page, warning others to take head injuries seriously.

"This is Samuel. He was 20. He hit his head on the ground at our show in Copenhagen," the status reads.

"He was nauseated and dizzy, but decided to go home and sleep. He never woke up. Our hearts go out to his mother and friends.

"Samuel's mother would like to give this warning given to other 'invulnerable' young:

"If you're drunk and hit your head, do not go to bed without getting it checked. Let none of your friends walk home alone after a fall or blow to the head.

"Take care of yourselves and each other."

Peter McCabe, chief executive at Headway, said everyone at the brain injury charity was "saddened to hear of the tragic passing of this young man".

"Our thoughts go out to Samuel's family at this difficult time," he told The Huffington Post UK.

"Sadly, this case is a tragic example of how serious a seemingly innocuous blow to the head can be

McCabe said it is important that people who sustain minor head injuries are not left unsupervised for 48 hours following the injury, as complications and symptoms may take time to present themselves.

"Headaches, vomiting, problems with balance, or blurred vision are just some of the warning signs to look out for, in addition to an inability to be woken or drowsiness when you would normally be awake," he said.

"If you sustain a head injury, it is vital that you seek immediate medical attention. If you are in doubt, get it checked out."

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