Scientists Have Discovered That Snakes Have Clitorises – Two Of Them

Spare a thought for the male snake who has to find both
Yes, really
Jürgen Kraft / EyeEm via Getty Images
Yes, really

Scientists have discovered that snakes have clitorises – and not just that, that the reptile has not one, but TWO.

The research uncovered the first official evidence of the sexual organ in snakes – and found the two-part clitoris, called a hemiclitoris, in at least nine species of the reptile, reports New Scientist.

Male snakes have two penises and like the hemipenes (the official name for a two-part penis), the hemiclitores were compromised of both sensitive nerves and erectile tissue.

However, the hemiclitores did not have spines or hooks like hemipenes, which are thought to help with mating.

Megan Folwell of the University of Adelaide explained: “There’s a lot known about male snake genitalia, but not so much – really anything – known about females.”

As a result, Folwell and her colleagues began dissecting female snake specimens from the University of Michigan’s zoology collection to see if there was anything there – and it turns out, they were set to find double the result they were looking for.

“You peel back the skin and it’s right there in front of you,” she says. The hemiclitores were found under the underside of the female snakes’ tails and according to Folwell’s research, the size varies depending on the species of snake.

Now here’s hoping we come back as a female snake in our next life...