Thousands March For Scottish Independence In Glasgow - But Poll Suggests Most Scots Don't Agree

Saltires were waving.

Up to 7,000 people marched through the streets of Glasgow on Saturday calling for Scottish independence from the UK - as a new survey suggested there has been no shift in favour of independence since the Brexit vote.

In what was thought to be the biggest ‘yes’ protest since the independence referendum in 2014, the crowd moved through the city waving Saltires and other flags in the air, The Daily Mail reported.

Groups of motorcyclists also revved their engines in support of the march.

<strong>The march began in Glasgow's botanical gardens.</strong>
The march began in Glasgow's botanical gardens.
Jane Barlow/PA Wire
<strong>Thousands marched through the city.</strong>
Thousands marched through the city.
Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon has said a second independence referendum is “on the table” after the UK overall voted to leave the European Union but Scots overwhelmingly voted to stay. She suggested that an independent Scotland could remain in the EU as a separate country.

But the ‘All Under One Banner’ protest comes after a YouGov poll found a majority of Scots want to remain in the UK.

The research found “no real shift towards independence” since the Brexit vote, The Guardian claimed. YouGov found 53% said they would vote for Scotland to remain while 47% that they would vote to leave - rise of just 1% since May.

<strong>Thousands took part in the 'All Under One Banner' march.</strong>
Thousands took part in the 'All Under One Banner' march.
Jane Barlow/PA Wire
<strong>They moved through Glasgow city centre.</strong>
They moved through Glasgow city centre.
Jane Barlow/PA Wire
<strong>One banner read 'end London rule'.</strong>
One banner read 'end London rule'.
Jane Barlow/PA Wire

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