First minister says draft bill will set out the timing, terms and question for any vote.
'When people began removing our posters, I thought I could BE the posters and signs instead.'
Women on the island of Ireland do not have access to free, safe, legal abortion. Nearly 206,000 Irish and Northern Irish women have travelled to Britain for an abortion since 1983. That's the equivalent of every woman in Bristol. Ireland looks away while Britain provides vital care for Irish women--seven a day--who, if they can afford it, travel to London and other British cities for access to abortion. And Britain also looks away while these women come and go, often alone, vulnerable and in need of further healthcare they won't get at home.
You are patriots. So are we. We both believe in doing what is best for Britain, for ourselves, our friends and neighbours, our children and grandchildren.
Will the young generation forgive the politicians who sold their birthright for a mess - not the biblical mess of potage, but just a mess - to appease xenophobic and jingoistic elements in the two main parties?
If Scottish Labour adopt a neutral stance on the upcoming independence referendum and continue to advocate genuine socialist policies, I'm willing to forgive previous misdeeds consider voting them again and I know I'm not alone. If they believe such a position is a betrayal of their values then so be it, but it may end up being the hill they die on.
One thing the Prime Minister cannot do is come out with a bad deal for Britain or not listen to the UK citizens. This is because the UK citizens are going to face the impacts of whatever that deal is and what it brings in the days, months and years to come.
Last week I had a surprise when I picked up my four-year-old twins from pre-school. Their teacher said one of them (Leo) had been telling the class about Theresa May taking us out of the European Union!
The call for an independence referendum for Northern Ireland by Sinn Fein, closely following on from that of Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, is not an opportunistic endeavour. The recent elections in Northern Ireland demonstrated that the political tide is turning.
I am a democrat, and one of my major motivations supporting Brexit has been to bring back decision-making to the UK away from the unelected and unaccountable officials in Brussels. Unlike the Left, which wishes to maintain the wall between the rulers and the ruled, I will always defend and encourage the greater use of referenda and will always respect the result.